i added subtle sass.


i added subtle sass.

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hall of fame

In case anyone wanted some new games writers to follow, someone was kind enough to make this handy-dandy guide!

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i unintentionally did a photo shoot in my hallway today 

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To Float,
To Sink,
To Fight,
To Fly

By Peony Yip

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Amazing spoke guard art for my wheelchair done by my lovely cousin (go check her out)!!! 65 Pink Roses for Cystic Fibrosis :)

Oh my god, so cute. Brb, dying.

So lovely!!

ideas for wills chair

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👋 braids

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Fashion! Put It All On Me ➝  Charbel Zoe f/w 2014-15


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"…isn’t it time we told her she’s pretty brilliant too?”

i guess i dislike the idea that a girl decides to put on makeup or do an activity coded feminine after a lifetime of being discouraged from things ssometimes just science related & sometimes just coded masculine & sometimes both, and this is supposed to be the thing that is wrong w how we raise girls, this is the display that something is wrong

that sentence got away from me but i mean i dont like that this gifset is trying to say “she did a feminine thing, thus proving that we raise girls wrong” 

i mean im against encouraging kids to not do something because it is a gender coded activity and i understand and support the theory this gifset is putting out there, re: you raise a kid to a certain gender coding & they internalize it, also girls can do science, i just think we can communicate that point without equating a girl doing a female-coded activity with being brainwashed.

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